What is The Dealie Llama?
The Dealie Llama is a family run business based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and works just like Zulily. Never heard of them? Go here to see.
Didn't look, did you? Buyers order and pay. We compile and order in bulk. They get stuff cheaper.

What does "they get stuff cheaper" really mean?
Cheaper is defined as cheaper than if the buyer was buying the same product on their own. This varies from deep discounts to over MSRP, depending on the product and arrangements with each manufacturer or distributor.

How can you sell for MORE than MSRP? That isn't cheaper...
Ah, but it IS cheaper!
Example: a unique product from the USA was $30US plus almost $20US per unit through Amazon buying directly from the manufacturer. With our terrible Canadian dollar, this would be over $65C per unit before duties. The Dealie Llama was able to work with the supplier directly and with bulk shipping and duties, could reduce the unit price!
MSRP $30US or $40C, but selling price by the Dealie Llama was $49C. Cheaper for every buyer, but higher than MSRP.

Why would any supplier let you sell under MSRP?
Typically items below MSRP are stock that a supplier wants to move higher volume on. A recent example was a product with current colours at MSRP and older discontinued colours at a discount that was pre-approved by the supplier.

Is The Dealie Llama an actual e-commerce website?
Yes, it's real :P We do NOT sell via third party sites such as eBay or Amazon. Our shopping experience is advertisement-free and developed in-house.
For some screenshots of what our "real site" looks like without Facebook login required, please click here.

What's up with the Facebook only login?
As a local growing company, we still currently rely on Facebook for discussions about product and brand suggestions and picking up Llama Loot.

Can I see a picture of your shop?
We do not have a brick and mortar store. Closest you'll see is this:

Uh... wth is that?
A cardboard llama, of course.

What carrier do you use for shipping?
We do not ship.


Uh... then how do your buyers ever get their Llama Loot?
We have an elite group of Alpaca Posse Pick-up Points all over Calgary and the surrounding areas. These official local llamas get product for buyers in their area and they pickup from them.
It helps build Community of the Herd.
Plus, The Dealie Llama is a local company with a focus on local market. Shipping out of province or out of country has tax implications that we don't want to deal with.

How does Dealie Llama decide what to sell?
Quality, Canadian, local suppliers to the top of the list. If we can't find that, well-reasearched suppliers and manufacturer direct is sourced.

A variety of factors are also considered including:
- ability to offer buyers an excellent price,
- interest of buyers in a given product, and
- recognition in the Calgary, Alberta market.

Of course, the most important consideration is whether a llama would spit on it. We'd never sell product like that.

What kind of stuff does The Dealie Llama sell?
Tuffo for Active Families, Slugs & Snails tights for girls AND boys, Alberta-based Happy Hippo Bath products ... just to name a few. To see all previous buys, just login and look for "Previous Buys" under the Buys menu.